May 28

ACE Montly Meeting



ACE committee cordially invites all Achis for its monthly meet on Sunday 28th may.

As summer vacation is coming to an end and all parents waiting for the school to reopen, need of the hour topic taken for discussion that day.

Expert speakers who are experienced trainers for child development are invited to address all issues raised by Achis on the floor.

A golden opportunity for all NCC members.

Send your Achis, friends and relatives Achis to the meeting to get benefited.

1)Q: who can attend?..

Ans: All Achis can attend

2)Q: Program Agenda?

Ans:About parenting, understanding your Child better and also how to take it as a business or how to become tutor, in training kids and parents

3)Q:When and Where?

Ans:Sunday 28th May

Chona Towers

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

4)Q: What is the fees?


Non-Members-Rs 200.


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